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Business Process Analysis

Requirement Engineering

President and owner, Abe Garba earned a bachelor degree in Information System/Accounting and a Master of Science in Information Resource Management and a Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering. Reduce costs & improve satisfaction through exceptional IT Application Development and Data Integration, is our goal -

Requirements engineering is presented and discussed as a part of systems engineering and software systems engineering. The need for good requirements engineering, and the consequences of a lack of it, are most apparent in systems that are all or mostly software ....read more

One of the best ways to get users interested and keep them engaged is to make them partners through rapid application development (prototyping). Don’t just ask what users want; find out what they need. Focus on what ails the user, not what the user wants in a system ...read more

Software Application Design

Software Programming /Testing


Prototypes combine the most representative attributes of a category. Prototype is the stage before the final design. They are the best examples among the members of a category and serve as benchmarks against which the surrounding instances are categorized ...read more

When computer software succeeds-when it meets the needs of the people who use it, When it performs flawlessly over a long period of time, When it is easy to modify and even easier to use – It can and does change things for the better.
But when software fails ...read more

Abe IT Consulting employs proven techniques for collecting requirement from sources and systems in a very efficient manner.
With these tools and technics, we architect requirement extraction to build effiicient software system ......... read more


In a business where everyone says they add value, we define how we add value. Simply put, Abe IT Consulting focuses every effort around aligning technology to meet your business needs and addressing your company's bottom line as well. IT should be viewed as an investment — which plays a relevant role in driving your business growth.

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